Discover the three key elements to receive clear and consistent messages from your Spirit Guides- even if you can't see or hear them yet!


Connect to Your Spirit Guides eBook!

If you have been wanting to connect more with your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Angels, Ancestors, or Passed Loved Ones, but can't hear or see your guidance, THIS IS FOR YOU!.

🗝️ Exactly what to say to welcome in your Spirit Guides.

🗝️ Instructions for what to do before and after using the scripts.

🗝️ Four different methods to use to receive messages and guidance.

🗝️ Sample questions to ask your Spirit Guides once you make a connection.

Grab the Connect to Your Spirit Guides eBook and take your next step in deepening your relationship with your Spirit Guides!
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What people are saying about the "Connect to Your Spirit Guides" eBook

The Connect to Your Spirit Guides" ebook really helped build my confidence.

The suggestion of questions to ask my Spirit Guides and Higher Self was especially helpful and it was so easy to follow thanks to the clear guide."

- Diane P.
 Amy’s scripts for connecting with your Spirit Guides are so powerful yet so fun and easy!

I love how she gave me a guide on how to use the script and now it can be easily added it to my card pull and journaling sessions. I love the list of questions to ask, definitely printing everything out for quick reference.”

- Kassandra R. 
"I really like how Amy's eBook lays it our in an easy way for anyone to follow.

I’ve been getting a lot of messages from my Guides but haven’t really known how to ask for them. This gives me a great place to start."

- Emily W.
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Hi, I'm Amy!

I love supporting people who are at the beginning of their Spiritual Journey and want to lean into living the life they know deep down they came here to live.

When I first started on this journey I remember being so frustrated because I couldn't receive the clear and consistent guidance from my Spirit Guides that I knew in my soul I should be capable of.

After spending what felt like a whole lot of time floundering on my own while I watched all the Youtube videos and read all the books without seeing a whole lot of results, I realized something had to change.

I started learning how to actually check in with my Higher Self and Spirit Guides and began spending more time with my own Spirit Team instead of all the different teachers on Youtube.

I learned the importance of using the right spiritual tools for where I was in my journey and who I was connecting to on my Spirit Team and I found myself being able to finally get the clear messages of guidance and support that I had been craving for so long.

Andddd... now I am so excited that I get to support you in doing the same, but in your own unique and beautiful way!

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What people are saying about working with Amy:

"I am so grateful to the universe for bringing Amy into my life. 

I have learned more about my tuning into my intuition better, and understanding how to communicate with spirit guides. I feel much more connected and I never ever feel alone." 

- Jennifer

“Through working with Amy, I was able to connect more deeply with not only myself, but with my Spirit Guides and Ancestors.

I have been able to take my next steps within my spiritual journey to reach a clearer understanding of who I am and my purpose.”

- Melody

"Amy has helped me soar to amazing heights in my own path of spirituality, self love, and learning to have confidence in my gifts and path!

Amy radiates love and light and she truly is dedicated to her students and gifted in her path and skill." 

- Kari